I'm not from here, neither from there, but I born in México city (1987), happy tech enthusiast, constantly learner, traveler, collector of knowledge, frustrated reader, good friend, father, football player, coder; Passionated for technology, Bizness, sociology and human brain. People researcher for pleasure.
I drink mate since 5 years

Who is Phonnz ?

  • I am a happy coder and tech entusiast.
  • I live in Mexico city.
  • I write code and binnacles about how I solved something.
  • I was the CTO of successful software mexican company.
  • I am working with really awesome people right now to disrupt startups ecosystem.
  • I play arena football.

What have I been doing?

  • '17: Started to play with Elixir
  • '16: Started to play with Go
  • '16: Started to play with RaspberryPI and Tessel
  • '15: Started to work with Nodejs
  • '15: Started to develop for Android and iOS (I don't do it anymore)
  • '12: Started to work with Python
  • '10/'16: Growing software development company
  • '07: Started IT engineering career, programming with C# for Windows and Java for web applications
  • '05: Started to learn about programming for microprocessors, C/C++ (AVR, PIC, Z8080, GAL)

2017 Goals ?

  • Build Elixir apps
  • Speak russian
  • Write blog posts in spanish, english, portuguese and russian
  • Learn about VC
  • Be a great father

My days